Hands-on at this exhibit

  • Try an augmented reality display.
  • Explore a system to augment the eyesight of partially sighted people.
  • Take a look at super-realistic hologram images.


Everyone can be a superhuman with new optical technology for augmented reality.

Is super-sight possible in today's world? Watch our exhibitor video and find out about new developments in augmented reality.

Augmented reality is the placement of computer generated images into the human eye’s view. It has a world of possibilities for work, play and daily life. Our exhibit showcases our new optic that can overlay high resolution, 3D full colour images and video onto your view of the outside world.

A few mobile phone apps currently overlay data on top of video provided by the camera. Our optic takes the next leap, creating a 3D screen that could be worn to supplement your view of the world with additional information. Imagine a surgeon wants a second opinion about the operation he’s doing, from a colleague across the Atlantic. With our optic in an augmented reality headset he could receive guidance in real time, without looking away. The possibilities are endless, so are you ready for superhuman sight?

Lead image: New optics could place 3D screens in the human eye to supplement your view of the world.