Hands-on at this exhibit

  • Try out our latest wearable sensors.
  • Build and program a body sensor.
  • Use a mobile app to track your health and wellbeing.


Wearable sensors could transform healthcare, from reactive to proactive.

What can smart sensing reveal about the body you thought you knew? Find out more in our exhibitor's video.

Body sensing technology opens a world of possibilities for improving our health. In the elderly, and those with chronic diseases, wearable sensors can flag signs of deterioration so that doctors or carers can take action to prevent a crisis. This exhibit gives an insight into our research to develop intelligent body sensors, and showcases some of the latest innovations.

Current healthcare tends to ‘react’ to episodes of acute ill health. But by acting on the warning signs picked up by body sensors – such as changing heart rhythm, or breathing – health professionals could more often prevent sudden downturns in vulnerable patients. Through links to mobile devices and social media, body sensing technology could also encourage more of us to stick to healthy habits. Our work is advancing the technology to make sensing systems better, smaller and more intelligent. For example by being context-aware; to ‘understand’ the wearer’s day-to-day health and behaviour patterns.

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Lead image: Body-sensing technology could detect changing heart rhythm or breathing to understand the wearer's day-to-day health and behaviour.