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Quiz questions

Quiz answers

  1. The Cosmic Ray Detectives record muons.
  2. Volume holograms manipulate light using (c) diffraction and interference of light.
  3. The NPL robot representing the "meter" unit is orange.
  4. Epithelial cancers cause small numbers of dangerous cells to circulate in the blood stream.
  5. The human hearing system uses the following to determine the direction of a sound: a) The time difference between the arrival of the sound at each ear. This is known as the interaural time difference. b) The loudness difference between the sound at each ear. This is known as the interaural level difference (ILD).
  6. The ions in the plasma get accelerated to create the force in a plasma rocket.
  7. Cancer Research UK scientists use a magnet to separate circulating tumour cells from healthy cells in a patient's blood supply.
  8. The world's first farm platform is in North Wyke, Devon.
  9. Tokamak comes from an acronym in Russian.
  10. Computer science, anthropology and biology are all relevant to psychology.
  11. 812,271 Olympic swimming pools would be filled by the water in the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal.
  12. A transistor is the basic electronic component in computer chips, tablets and mobile phones.
  13. Your heart beats over 100,000 times per day.
  14. Birds can catch and carry the most different types of flu.
  15. Light, heat or force can boost the activity for healable materials.
  16. Magnetometry has been used to cover the most area around Stonehenge.
  17. Your immune system deteriorates as you get older, becoming less able to adapt and respond to infections.
  18. Rock, water and carbon dioxide make up the 'shopping list' for life.
  19. The probability that the remains are Richard III is 99.999%.
  20. Nickel-based super alloys are used to make jet-engine turbine blades.
  21. It takes a classical computer 2 weeks to factorise a 100 digit number and a quantum computer 5 milliseconds.
  22. The discovery of magnetic monopoles would (b) explain why all electric charges are integer multiples of the electron charge.