Hands-on at this exhibit

  • Become a virtual cow farmer using a bespoke computer simulation.
  • Get a cow’s-eye-view of the day with our ‘cow-cam’.
  • Explore our farm with an interactive scale model.


Environmental impact, rising meat prices, increasing disease and civil unrest: the effects of a food system not fit to satisfy the growing global appetite for meat.

What's the real beef about meat? Watch this short video and find out.

Our ‘research farm’ – the first of its kind in the world – aims to find sustainable solutions to answering the needs of a meat-loving world.

Livestock can graze land not suitable for crop production and, by eating plants and producing manure, help to cycle nutrients. But many current farming practices are not sustainable. With state-of-the-art technology in our fields and labs, we measure the effects of farming methods on our pasture, greenhouse gas production, animal health and nutrition, and the quantity and quality of meat produced.

Lead image: How do we satisfy growing demands for meat with environmental impacts in the real beef about our food? Credit: Rothamsted Research.