Presented by Tokamak Energy


Hands-on at this exhibit

  • Remotely operate our real tokamak in Oxfordshire.
  • Examine the structure of our High Temperature Superconductor tokamak.
  • Experiment with demos relating to fusion energy.


The promise of fusion power is coming to life in a pioneering lab in Oxfordshire.

In this fascinating video our exhibitors unveil the promise of fusion power for carbon-free energy in the future.

Nuclear fusion is the joining of atomic nuclei, colliding at very high speeds to form a new, larger nucleus and, crucially, energy. Fusion is an enticing carbon-free energy source, but one that always seems to be decades away. Our exhibit showcases how we’re accelerating the development of fusion energy, with an innovative, efficient, compact machine.

Fusion powers the stars. On Earth we trap fusion fuels in a ring-doughnut shaped magnetic device called a tokamak. We’re combining new superconducting technology with a more efficient squashed-up spherical tokamak design to create a small (4m across) but powerful fusion reactor. These machines are practical for manufacture and shipping around the world, and could be multiplied to create a commercial fusion power station – delivering safe, clean energy into the future.

Lead image: A ring-shaped tokamak device traps a plasma. Larger tokamaks can harness fusion, the reaction that powers the stars. Credit: Tokamak Energy.