Summer Science Exhibition 2015

The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK. This week-long festival features 22 exhibits from the forefront of innovation. You can meet the scientists, try some of the hands-on activities or attend some inspiring talks and events.

Free entry for all ages: 30 June - 5 July 2015, London

Information for visitors

"I liked that it was very interactive and I was able to talk to the scientists and ask lots of questions"


Every cell has a story

Textiles technology will make us safer and healthier

Investigate the mysterious origins of cosmic rays

Atomic-level engineering for modern jet engine design

Face facts: revealing the information hidden in faces

Discover the promise of fusion power

Finding new ways to stop flu in its tracks

Weapons of microscopic destruction

The real beef about meat

Materials that repair themselves

The hunt is on for the elusive magnetic monopoles

Origins of life: from restless planets to living cells

Exploring space with plasma rockets

Quantum light on a chip

Richard III: solving a 500 year old mystery

Studying the cells key to understanding disease

The body you know - what can smart sensing reveal?

Interaction with sound in a 3D world

A fascinating landscape of monuments revealed

Super sight! Augmented reality for everyone

Taking technology smaller

Vanishing glaciers of Everest