Activities for schools

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Summer Science Exhibition 2015.  In addition to the resources on the exhibitors' pages, a number of them have resources specifically for teachers and schools.  These are outlined below.


There was a quiz given out in the students' bags on the day.  This is available to download and the answers are listed for comparison.


Face Facts

All the resources from the Face Facts stand, including the opportunity to blend students faces with those of fictional characters, are available on their website for ongoing use. There are activities suitable for all ages, and plenty of online experiments the students can do in their own time.  The research team would also be grateful if you and your students could complete this survey.


Immune Army

The Babraham Institute have developed resources on immunology for primary and secondary teachers, as well as having games and resources for students to access.


Vanishing Glaciers

This exhibit have photographs of descriptions of glaciers worldwide.  There is also an interactive 3D image of the Khumbu Glacier with many of the features marked.


The Body You Know

This exhibit have provided the instruction for producing the flashing pedometer badges from their stand.  This activity would be suitable for student age 16+ and requires good understanding of electricity and the ability to get circuit boards printed.  However the website also has the link to download the Active Miles app, suitable for a wider range of ages which looks at sport science and nutrition.


Note that some of the exhibitors have YouTube channels, with videos about their research that may be of use in the classroom.  This includes the short video on their exhibitor pages.  Others have more videos including:

Taking Technology Smaller

Faster Fusion