We've helped four of our exhibitors to produce video games inspired by their cutting-edge science.


3D journey on an ocean glider

Quantum Revolution

Space shooter based on quantum physics

Cell invaders

Puzzle-action game to defend a cell from attack

Out both ends

Biomedical puzzle to identify a disease outbreak

How to play

Click on one of the games above to play it online. Follow the instructions to install Unity web player (Windows or Mac OS X) if needed. You can play in full-screen by right-clicking in the game.

Alternatively, PC download versions of the games are available on IndieCity. The games will also be available to play at special games stations throughout the Summer Science Exhibition.


Voting has now closed. Before 7th July the public were able to vote for their favourite game. The game with the most votes will be developed further - perhaps by adding another level or extra characters or by making it available on more devices.

Additional game

One additional game, Zombeetle and the Fossil Colour Quest, was created outside of the game jam by the Prehistoric colours exhibit.

Game jam

The four games on this page were developed at a 'game jam' on 24 May. Over a 12-hour period, teams of scientists and developers worked together to produce these games.

The games are inspired by the themes behind each exhibit - and are not intended to be a complete and true reflection of the scientific research.

Check out photos from the event and see all the activity on Twitter.

The teams were:

The jam was organised with Auroch Digital and supported by Unity and IndieCity.