Summer Science Exhibition 2013

The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge science and technology in the UK.

The 2013 exhibition has now come to an end, but you can still find out about all the science on show, watch our videos, play our games and read our blog

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Boltzmann sounds out Kelvin

Essential oils as antimicrobial agents

Ice in the Greenhouse

DNA sequencing - beyond the genome

3D printing stem cells

Sensing and responding: how do bacteria react to the world around them?

Cosmology in crisis: what is the matter?

Planck: Looking Back to the Dawn of Time

Hang a mass on a Planck

Carbon nanotube wires for efficient electricity generation and transportation

Understanding the Higgs boson

The Solid Bodies of the Outer Solar System

Salty Oceans

Prehistoric colours in fossil insects and feathers

Using photons for secure networks, spooky teleporters and awesome computers

The scarred liver

The Map of Health

Solving the Energy Crisis - From Ancient to Future Solar Fuels

Engineering the Champions: the Science of Sporting Success

The Complex Life of Sugars

Monitoring the environment and biodiversity

Generating power from the sea

Virus Wars - Science Strikes Back

Are you more impulsive than a fish?

We also ran an exciting programme of events throughout the exhibition

See the events programme